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Curt E. Coulombe, CFP®

Curt E. Coulombe, CFP®

Vice President

I am Curt Coulombe, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, CFP® and Savvy IRA Planner with Elliott & Associates Wealth Advisors, Inc., a wealth advisory organization based in Northwest Georgia. My partner, Duffy Elliott and I serve a number of business owners and professional families, some of whom live in the state of Georgia and some who live other parts of this great country.

Professionally, I bring 29 years of industry knowledge and experience to the table. This role is the only role I have had since graduating from Syracuse University in 1992. I spent 14 years at one of the largest financial organizations in the world, and now have a small shop-I know the difference first hand, especially what that difference means to the clients. I am an advocate for my clients, in every way I possibly can be. I understand the needs and concerns of the investors and the challenges the small business community faces on a daily basis.

With the many organizations competing for your investment business, I am keenly aware of what value we need to add to win and to keep, your business and your loyalty.

Personally, global travel, hiking and motorcycling are my passions. I enjoy reading as well, non fiction and historical novels. Someone once offered that "The person who does not read has little advantage over the person who cannot read." I firmly believe that and find that reading adds a richness to everyday life.

At home, I answer to a German schnauzer rescue named Kelly who came from Mexico-even she is global! I have lived in my home in Chamblee for 17 years and hope to stay there another 17 years, at least.