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Risk Alignment

More than ever, clients like you are in tune with the ebb and flow of today's market performances and portfolio holdings. In an ongoing effort to facilitate a deeper understanding of the relationship between investments' risks and rewards, we are proud to offer you a complimentary Portfolio Analysis quizIt's  straightforward and interactive, helping you to to better understand how much risk you are willing to expose your investment portfolio to.

After completing the questionnaire, you will receive a Risk Number® between 1 and 99. The higher the number, the higher the amount of risk you are projected to comfortably be exposed to. By comparing your Risk Number® with your existing portfolio allocations, you and your financial professional can work more efficiently towards determining if risk tolerance is still aligned with your current holdings.

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Read or share this two-page summary of how Riskalyze may help you to recalibrate your existing investment strategy.

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Discover Your Risk Number®

Answer straightforward questions to find out what your Risk Number® is. 1-99 scale: the greater the potential loss you are willing to take on, the greater the Risk Number®

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Key Components of Riskalyze

Quantitative demonstration of relationship between expected performance and expected downside risk over the next 6 months. 

Shows historical S&P performance of an event, plus what your portfolio is likely to do under similar market conditions.

View projections for additional benchmarks and comparators, with switch to Historical mode to model past performance during indicated time period.

These tools utilize advanced portfolio analytics that take a deeper dive into the results from your Proprietary Analytics findings.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What is Riskalyze?

Riskalyze is a financial software company with Nobel award-winning applications of their coveted Risk Number® algorithm. Their researched analytics provide financial professionals (us) with tools to help investors (you) acquire a deep, comprehensive understanding of the relationship between risk tolerance and portfolio investment strategies.

Does taking the quiz cost me anything?

No, Riskalyze has been provided as a complimentary tool to you. We support ongoing financial literacy amongst all investors and encourage you to partake in this Risk Number® questionnaire.

Who can take this quiz?

The great news is that anyone (yes, including you!) can participate in this questionnaire to find out their Risk Number®

I've found out my Risk Number®. Now what?

Your Risk Number® is a great way for you and your financial professional to start (or continue) the conversation when it comes to aligning your true risk tolerance with current portfolio holdings. 

We will explore visual aids with tools such as Retirement Maps, Stress Tests with benchmark event comparisons, and Portfolio Stats as detailed as regional exposure, sector breakdown, and performance comparisons. 

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