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Client Login Portals

24/7 Access to Your Accounts

View your account portfolios and performance from the convenience of your home, office, or favorite vacation spot. Your financial professionals have carefully chosen these programs because they feel the features offered by AdviceWorks and NetXInvestor add value to the investor experience. 

To register for AdviceWorks: Request an email invitation from your financial advisor's office

To register for NetXInvestor: Self-registration is now available; once an account is opened, you will receive an email message with instructions on how to create a username and password. Follow those prompts. Our financial organization number is 3KZ.

Client Centered

Log in to your SmartWorks account here.

For help, dial (888) 443-6380.

My family has a multi-use email address. Can we use the same one on AdviceWorks?

No. Each registrant must have a unique, working email address in order to use the AdviceWorks platform.

If I am locked out or unable to remember my information, who do I call?

You have access to a 100% client-dedicated AdviceWorks service line. Call the Help & Support Line weekdays, 10 am-6 pm EST: (888) 443-6380

Is AdviceWorks a mandatory platform to sign up for? Does it cost me anything?

AdviceWorks is not mandatory, though we highly recommend it. It gives you access to tax documents, statements, and so much more. There is no cost to our valued clients for the utilization of this resource.


If you do not opt-in to statement e-delivery for Pershing/Cetera investment accounts, a $1.50 monthly, per account, paper surcharge applies. If you are unsure of your e-enrollment status and are registered with AdviceWorks, you can check by logging into your account and adjusting the e-delivery settings within your profile. A valid and current email address must be on file.

Paper surcharges do not apply to investors who are already enrolled in e-delivery. 

Client Centered

Log in to your NetXInvestor account here.

For help, dial (770) 451-2446.

When I first register, it asks me for a financial organization number. What is that?

Our financial organization number is:


How is this program different from AdviceWorks? Why are there two options?

Think of AdviceWorks as a service-related client hub, whereas NetXInvestor is trade-related. You can only view Pershing and Cetera accounts on NetXInvestor. 

Is NetXInvestor a mandatory platform to sign up for? Does it cost me anything?

NetXInvestor is not mandatory. There is no cost to our valued clients for the utilization of this resource.

REQUEST TO REGISTER FOR ADVICEWORKS CLIENT PORTAL: Fill out the form below with a valid and unique mobile number and email address

Thank you!