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September 24, 2019
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Lugo is a place close to where the Camino Primitivo merges with the more popular “French Route”. What s fantastic place to be. The Roman walls look like they were built 20 years ago. The relationships you have built over the last two weeks feel the same. There is no others experience quite like the Camino. ❤️ “The grand Roman walls encircling old Lugo are considered the best preserved of their kind in the world and are the number-one reason visitors land here. Within the fortress is a beautifully preserved web of streets and squares, most of them traffic-free and ideal for strolling, with plenty of interesting things to see (nearly all free) and a terrific tapas-bar scene. Lucus Augusti was a major town of Roman Gallaecia and modern Lugo is a quiet but engaging city, with a good number of other Roman remains besides the walls.”

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