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Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned

October 02, 2019
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As I sit in the SDC airport, drinking un cafe doble, I sit pondering the parallels between my Camino and my life. 1) You will get a pebble in your shoe. Take 10 seconds and remove the pebble so it does not cause you further pain. 2) It will be difficult to see at times. Be cautious, go slowly and wait until things are more clear. 3) There will be pain. Some will be due to fatigue, some from other causes-you need to decide what the remedy is, be it rest or a change. 4) Your pack will be too heavy at times. You will need to decide what you can do to lighten your load, or if someone else should help you carry it. 5) Don’t judge other pilgrims, you don’t know the weight of their pack. 6) Break bread with strangers – even when you don’t speak the same language-sometimes that will be the best conversation you’ll have. 7) You will be tired. Normal fatigue due to exertion is healthy-you will need to learn your limits and if there is a problem. 8) A kind greeting and a smile should be the least you should offer to those whose home you pass by on the way. 9) You will lose things along the way and you will also gain things. 10) Your Camino is like any other journey, putting one foot in front the other. None of us knows what is around the next turn, only that we need to keep moving. 👣

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