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Last Lesson

Last Lesson

September 29, 2019
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Apparently, the Camino has not finished it’s lesson. As it is my standard practice to take a boat ride anytime I am in a new city, last night we boarded at 7:15, as per instructions. With the diesel motors running, we expected a timely departure at 7:30. As 7:30 came and went, the passengers became increasingly frustrated with sitting and smelling diesel exhaust. A family operation, as most Hispanic businesses, the husband and wife, along with the grandparents, are clearly awaiting some passengers to arrive. The mother placates the boarded passengers with glasses of wine, which helped temporarily. About 7:45, a tour bus pulls up and the awaited passengers disembark. Jeers from those already boarded, until we all realize the same thing. The bus is full of special needs adults and their families. The mood changes dramatically. In all the boat rides I have taken, I never had one like this. The passengers had so much fun-even those with their canes and dark glasses, who can see little, or not at all. To watch their families care for them and laugh alongside them was as brilliant as the sunset.

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