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September 22, 2019
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Entered Galicia today, mid day. It was a spectacular day, the weather was inclement most of the day and I loved it. My heart was rich with love all day. Why? Because I am more than halfway and past the difficult part? Because I am finally rested? Because Pepe le Peu shared his bread with me this morning? Maybe because of all these reasons. Also the fact that with every passing kilometer you are cloaked in gestures of well being and care. Every day, you are walking through people’s driveways and behind their houses-they are always offering gestures of “Buenos Dias”, normally followed with “Buen Camino!” These folks are 95% farmers that have been working this land all of their lives and most are not young. You feel the love when you see a well manicured fountain offering you water. You feel the love when the alberge workers have your laundry done and your sandwich made for your next day’s journey. You see the love when a pilgrim shows up without reservations and they make sure to find him a bed for the nite, on their premises or at another-no one gets turned away. I have never had such a journey.

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