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Did your stay at home experience change your views on Retirement?

June 09, 2020

Did your stay at home experience change your views on Retirement?


Many of us have worked from home or stayed home from work during the last three months. How did that go for you? Did you think of it as a test drive for your future retirement?

Many people realized that this time at home with our spouses may be what retirement will look like. Now, if you were working from home, there are differences, but it was at least some exposure to what your future may hold. Good or not so good.

Many of us have travel and social interaction in mind for our ‘real’ retirement and this recent experience probably did not include either of those activities.

Another unintended consequences of staying at home is that we spent less money. Did the reduced credit card bill make you realize that maybe you could spend less in retirement? Maybe, maybe not, depending on you plans.

With this experience some are considering again when to retire. That is a great question.

Consider these steps to carry that conversation forward:

  1. Talk to your spouse about how their feelings about retirement have changed,
  2. Take the Fit to Retire survey (click the link below) to help you think more about what you would do in retirement. the assessment will take you less than 10 minutes and it will be fun -- and informative -- to do,


  1. Reach out to us to get a handle on the financial implications of a modified retirement time frame. We are here to help: