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Another Day on the Camino

Another Day on the Camino

September 23, 2019
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30+ kilometers today. It was a great day, even given the on/off rain we had all day. It was not an easy day by any means. The remaining hills are still significant. This morning, in keeping with trail etiquette, I came upon a youngish man, and gave him the “buen Camino!” courtesy greeting. That is normally a moment at which you offer a “Buen Camino”, and let them pass. However-Marion from Germany had other ideas. We walked lockstep for 15+ minutes. I had a stop to take off my jacket, take some pictures and give him some room, however, he would have no part of it. I guess he wanted the company. So at the next uphill, I kicked in the afterburners and lost him. Either he hit brakes, taking a hint, or I truly am the Lance Armstrong I perceive myself to be, because I never saw him again. If we had too much more time together, I suspect we would held hands and sung “Kumbaya”. I went past the “recommended stop” to gain some more kilometers, and am so glad I did. I stayed at a place that was a must see. Had dinner with a lovely French couple that I just adored. The owner’s 88 yo mom is the chef! Also, I believe I know now why the escargot 🐌 is so popular here-they are huge! The Camino continues to deliver. #caminoprimitivo2019

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