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Comprehensive Family Wealth Management

Busy lifestyles and multiple priorities make successful investing more challenging than ever. In today's complex and ever changing financial marketplace, it is important to take a comprehensive approach to preparing for your financial future.

Who are we? 

Elliott and Associates Wealth Advisors, Inc. is made up of a team of  Duffy Elliott and Curt Coulombe who are Registered  Representatives of Cetera Advisors.

What do we do?

Working with one family at a time, we keep the client's best interest as our central focus with customized solutions by designing, implementing, updating and monitoring a comprehensive financial strategy to help the client achieve their goals.

Are you ready for retirement?

Retirement is much more than an algebraic equation. Are you fit to retire? Complete your fit-to-retire assessment. Start Here

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Cetera Advisors does not provide tax advice. Please contact your tax advisor for guidance on your particular situation.

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